Monday, 12 August 2013

Ultimate Android Security Apps You Must Have

People in this fashion freak era flaunts with their stylish gadgets to show their standard and luxurious living style. Even you may have an expensive mobile handset with you. Its good to follow the trend and live accordingly but care is necessary for your expensive gadget as a small negligence can ruin your handset badly. To keep your android mobile handset secure and efficient the developers have brought some ultimate security apps.  These security apps are enough capable to protect your handset from various danger viruses, unknown files etc. 

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout mobile security app is designed in such a way that it offers a complete suit of protection to Android based mobile. The main purpose of this app is to block viruses, malware and spyware through the anti-virus. It scans the apps you download and automatically update the virus definitions with the latest threats.

Wave Secure Mobile Security

McAfee designed Wave Secure Mobile Security app. Suppose you lost your phone then you can take advantage of remote lock feature.  You can even wipe the data remotely which is stored in your phone so that no one can get your private messages, photos or documents. Moreover you can also track SIM cards inserted into the phone and the phone calls made in order to help you recover your phone.

Life360 Security Center

Life360 Security Center is a security app for Android and it allows the user to track their family's real-time location using GPS. The child tracker option is ideal for people. In this app there is a check-in alert feature that will let you know when they need help and exactly where they are. The premium features available that allows you to set up medical emergency information, identity protection and lost item recovery.

Mobile Defense

Through mobile defense app you can also use GPS to locate it so that someday if it lost or stolen you might be able to recover it. The location of your phone will be shown on Google Maps. It can also monitor and report on suspicious activity. It is designed to use minimal battery power and will not consume memory until you remotely activate it.
These are some essential app you must have in your Android phone to keep it protective from various threats around you and gadget. 

Firewall Blocker

Do you want the option to block calls and texts at specific times or from a specific person, especially if it is sale calls? Well now it is possible in your android phone as Android security app is for you. It allows you to block calls and texts from unknown or private callers, and you can specify a list of unblocked or blocked numbers. It is a really handy security app for your Android phone. 

Apps had made our life easy and smooth many different kind of work can be done through mobile application but security is the first thing therefore android app developer are focusing on security and tacking apps for some incredible job. One more interesting thing which was added in most popular Whatapp application. Whatapp was voice messaging which was missing in it for long time and its competitor had this feature.    

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